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Enzyme Natural Digestion Aid Cranberry Flavors (30 packets)
Enzyme Natural Digestion Aid Cranberry Flavors (30 packets)Ingredient:brown rice enzyme, cranberry fruit juice powder, sobitol, spore lactobacillus, integrated enzyme and lactobacillus. Volume capacity:1.5Kg±5%(30 packets) Method 2~3 packets per day, eat directly or drink with fruit juice. Applicab
Fruits and Vegetables Enzyme Drinks
1. Brand: Bo Tree 2. Products Name: Fruits and Vegetables Enzyme Drinks 3. Net Content: 350ml 4. Product Description: (1) Vegetarian, No Preservatives, No Artificial Coloring (2) (SOD) Superoxide Dismutase 4.58x106 unit/100ml 5. Packaging Detail: 350ml Per Bottle, 12 Bottles Per Carton
NATURAL ENZYME DRINK, Food Additives and Ingredients
Product Name:NATURAL ENZYME DRINK (Fruits And Vegetables Enzyme Drink) 350 ml Ingredient:Integrated Vegetable Enzymes、Plum Enzymes、Bromelain、Mulberry Enzymes、Enzyme Beetroot、Tomato Enzyme、Brown Sugar、Isomaltooligosaccharides、Demerara Sugar Origin: Taiwan  Capacity: 350 ml ± 5% Retention period:

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Botree was foundation on 2005. It bad realized that the enzymes in their own benefits, they caught its own independence, to celebrate together than the idea of the joy will never be entered into fermentation industry, long years of constant research and development and biotechnology experts to visit and get Global Technology group of university professors are willing to industry-university collaboration will be a unique way of brewing technology transfer to the “Botree Company”, so ten years finally the effective use of organic agriculture, fermentation microorganisms attached to a higher economic value of agricultural products, and perform their duties to take into account the human healthy.

Chairman Mr. Lin lead the development team developed the system so there are three major adhere to: raw materials, processing, adding, select high-quality pollution-free fresh fruit and vegetable dishes, quality and strict control of the production process, linden absolutely insist on products does not contain any harmful substances. Make use of fermentation technology, microbial fermentation of four stages of engineering, strict control of fermentation process and quality, follow the SOP , automation of operations to make faster, more stable quality.